Welcome to this webspace about Something Completely Different, SCD in daily use. :-)!

On this website you will find everything related to Something Completely Different, the music project by Boele Gerkes, and some more.


You’ll find blog posts about songs, music hardware (analog synthesizers, digital synthesizers, hybrids, guitars, midi controllers, audio and midi interfaces, computers, hardware effects units and guitar pedals etc.), music software (software synthesizers, effects, DAWs, etc.) in the “Music” blogs category.

Non-music related posts will be posted under the “Various” blogs category.


The “Downloads” page contains download links to various music-related soft- and hardware.

You will for instance find templates to control Strymon effects with an iPad, templates to control the Alesis Andromeda A6 synthesizer with an iPad, a TR-808 manual in Dutch, sounds for the Andromeda and Roland V-Synth.


I will gradually release all music on my band camp page

Studio2 2006107

SCD Studio around 2006.


  1. Hi Boele,

    nice pages of yours!
    Listening to some track I didn’t had in my iTunes yet.

    You will get a full mail later.

    Greetings from Tübingen


  2. Thanks Till!

  3. Hey man, just came here after reading a couple of the new guides that have been put up for the Bitstream 3X – wanted to thank you for your time and energy. Also wanted to offer my services to help improve them – if you’re interested, shoot me an email.

  4. Hi Boele, I used to be a member of the old Waldorf email forum and remember you as one of the greatest contributors there.
    I now own a Blofeld and am looking for previous firmware for it as the latest version has broken a lot of stuff. Waldorf-music only has the latest firmware available on their site. I was hoping you may be able to help me with finding the previous firmware versions.

  5. Hi Boele,

    I am looking forward to receiving my Moog Sub 37 next week!, to go with a Little Phatty, slim Phatty, and Elektron Keys. I am a guitar player getting into Synths after many years. I have the Strymon Timeline, Mobius, and BigSky, so I will be looking to try out the templates that you mentioned for TB Midi Stuff, which I also picked up. Wondering if you have seen templates for the Waldorf Blofeld? Let me know.

    thanks for the great Youtube videos. I enjoyed them as well



  6. Hi Jim,

    Congrat with the Sub 37: an awesome Moog!
    Unfortunately I am not aware of Blofeld templates. However, that synthesizer is very well tweakable with the matrix setup of knobs and buttons. Tmho.
    Thanks for the friendly words!


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  16. Hello Boele,
    is your PPG wave 2 for sale ? I am looking for either a PPG 360 wavecomputer or PPG wave 2.0.
    I see you have a PPG 2.0 in your gear list and were offering one for sale in 2007. I have a friend in Bergen op zoom who can pay and pickup for me if it helps.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Kind regards.


  17. I am looking for the writer of “Adagio for Michael ” as featured in the link below.

    is it you?

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