Eurorack modular, food for thought

Fat, organic, precise, meatballs, goosebumps distortion, freaky, musical(!)

So… In the last year I have extended my rack with some interesting modules.
Since I have quite an extensive experience with analog (and digital) synthesizers through the years and have heard/played all the usual suspects and many more, I would have never guessed that I could be blown away by something new. But it happened.

The quality and uniqueness of sound and usability of the modules created by Mark Verbos is unreal.
The Complex Oscillator, the Harmonic Oscillator, the Dual Four Pole filter, the Amplitude and Tone Controller (in essence a Low Pass Gate) and the Multi Envelope are one by one *fantastic* modules. Yes, they are not cheap (400-600 euro’s each), but what you get are about the most inspiring synth modules money can buy.

If you are starting with eurorack: SAVE money for one or more of his modules, really it is worth it. If you’re an experienced eurorack user/musician and did not try out Verbos modules… you fool! 🙂

Another company that makes very interesting modules is William Mathewson’s WMD, specially his Synchrodyne and Synchrodyne Expander modules form a monster PLL based oscillators/filters/compressor set with a very unique flavor. Wild, hard to tame, but very musical and rewarding.

This move to eurorack has become so incredible interesting with all those boutique and big companies stepping in: I can’t wait to try out the Roland system-500 modules for instance.

Lovely synth times!


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