Here is a list of all hard- and software that passed my hands and studio since 1981 and is used on one or more SCD tracks:

Hardware synthesizers, piano’s and guitars:
Access Virus TI2 Desktop
12-string Acoustic Guitar (brand unknown)
Acoustic Piano (2x)
Akai S-5000 sampler
Akai Z8 sampler
Akai MPC 4000
Akai MPC 5000
Akai MPC Renaissance
Alesis Andromeda analog synthesizer (3x)
Alesis DM-Pro drum sample player
Arturia DrumBrute analog drum synthesizer
Arturia MatrixBrute analog synthesizer
Arturia Minibrute analog synthesizer
Arturia Spark drum machine
Buchla Easel
Clavia G2x VA synthesizer
Cwejman S1 mk2 analog modular synthesizer
Doepfer A-100 basic system 1 analog modular synthesizer
DSI Evolver analog/digital hybrid synthesizer
DSI Pro 2 analog/digital hybrid synthesizer
Elektron Machinedrum digital drumcomputer (2x)
Elektron Analog Four analog synthesizer (4 voice)
Elektron Rytm analog drumcomputer
EMS Synthi A analog synthesizer
EMU Emulator E-4K sampler/keyboard
EMU E-5000 Ultra rack sampler
Ensoniq ESQ-1 analog/wavetable synthesizer (2x)
Ensoniq SQ-80 analog/wavetable synthesizer
Epiphone Casino hollow body electric guitar with Creamery handwired P90s
Fender Mustang electric guitar
Fender Lead II electric guitar
Fender Rhodes Chroma analog synthesizer
Fender Rhodes Mark 1 electric piano
Fender Squier Telecaster (vintage modified custom) electric guitar
Fender Squier Telecaster (classic vibe) electric guitar
Fender Squier (Affinity) Telecaster
Fender Squier Stratocaster electric guitar
Fender Stratocaster 72 electric guitar
Fender 50s classic player stratocaster electric guitar
Höhner Pianet
Jomox Xbase 09 hybride analog/digital drumcomputer/sequencer
Jomox Xbase 09 Special Edition
Kawai R-1a analog beatbox
Kawai K5000 additive digital synthesizer
Korg 01W/FD digital synthesizer/sequencer
Korg DDM-110 digital drumcomputer/sequencer
Korg Delta analog string synthesizer
Korg Mono/Poly analog synthesizer
Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer
Korg MS-20M +SQ-1 desktop analog synthesizer
Korg PE-1000 analog synthesizer
Korg PolySix analog synthesizer
Korg Poly-800 analog/digital synthesizer (DCO/VCF (2x)
Korg PS-3100 analog synthesizer
Martin 1833 D-16GT acoustic guitar
Mellotron M-400 tape sampler
Moog Memorymoog+ analog synthesizer
Moog Micromoog analog synthesizer
Moog Minimoog (with midi) analog synthesizer
Moog Sonic 6 analog synthesizer
Moog Voyager XL
Moog Voyager RME with VX-351 and VX-352 Control Voltage output and input extension boxes, plus MoogerFooger CP-251 modulation CV extension box
Moog Sub37 analog synthesizer
Nord Drum 3P Modeling Percussion Synthesizer
Novation Bass Station 2 analog synthesizer
Oberheim OB-1 analog synthesizer
Oberheim OB-Xa analog synthesizer
Oberheim Xpander analog synthesizer
Ovation Applause AA14-4 acoustic guitar (1976)Philips Philicorda GM-751 (2x)
PPG 2 analog/digital hybrid synthesizer
PPG 2.3 analog/digital hybrid synthesizer
Rickenbacker 330/12 electric guitar
Roland Jupiter 4 (2x) analog synthesizer
Roland Jupiter 6 analog synthesizer
Roland Jupiter 8 analog synthesizer
Roland MC-202 analog synthesizer
Roland SH-2000 analog synthesizer
Roland SH-7 analog synthesizer
Roland TR-808 analog drumcomputer
Roland V-synth digital synthesizer
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 rev 2 analog synthesizer
Sequentix P3 digital step-sequencer
SIEL Expander-80 analog synthesizer
Solina String Ensemble
Synthetone Jen SX-1000 (2x) analog synthesizer
VOX-AC-15 guitar amplifier (80s)
VOX AC-15 Blue Alnico guitar amplifier
VOX AC-30 guitar amplifier (70s)
VOX AD-120VT guitar amplifier
VOX Cambridge guitar amplifier
VOX Escort VOX Pathfinder guitar amplifier
Waldorf Blofeld digital synthesizer (2x)
Waldorf Blofeld keyboard digital synthesizer (2x)
Waldorf Microwave 1 (4x) (wavetable synth/analog VCF/VCA)
Waldorf Waldorf Microwave XT digital synthesizer (3x, 1x keyboard version)
Waldorf Pulse analog (DCO/VCF) monophonic synthesizer
Waldorf Pulse 2 analog synthesizer
Waldorf Q digital synthesizer
Waldorf Q+ digital synthesizer with analog filters
Waldorf Rocket analog synthesizer
Waldorf WAVE (wavetable synth/analog VCF/VCA)
Wave Idea NeoSynth24 digital synthesizer
Yamaha CS-30 (2x) analog synthesizer
Yamaha CS-40M analog synthesizer
Yamaha CS-50 analog synthesizer
Yamaha CS-60 analog synthesizer
Yamaha CP-70 electric grand piano
Yamaha DX7 FM synthesizer
Yamaha SY-2 analog synthesizer
Yamaha DT Explorer electronic drums

Eurorack modules:
Doepfer 3 row eurorack case (2x)
Doepfer A-106-5 12 dB SEM filter
Doepfer A-116 VC Waveform Processor
Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter
Doepfer A-136 Distortion/Waveshaper
Doepfer A-138 Exp. Mixer
Doepfer A-138-d Crossfader/FX-Insert
Doepfer A-180-1 multiple (2x)
Doepfer A-183-1 Dual Attenuator
Expert Sleepers Disting MK1
Expert Sleepers Disting MK3
Intellijel Dixie II
Intellijel Dixie II Expander
Intellijel Quadra
Make Noise Maths mk2
Mangrove Mannequins
Mutable Instruments Elements
Verbos Electronics Amplitude and Tone Controller (2x)
Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator (2x)
Verbos Electronics Dual Four Pole (2x)
Verbos Electronics Harmonic Oscillator
Verbos Electronics Multi-Envelope
Verbos Random Sampling (2x)
Waldorf Music NW1
WMD Quad Attenuator
WMD Synchrodyne PLL
WMD Synchrodyne PLL Expand
WMD Ultra Fold wave folder
XAOC Devices Batumi Quadruple LFO

Effects boxes:
Boss RC-505 loopstation
Boss CE-3 analog Chorus
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss RE-20 digital emulation of the analog RE-201 tape delay
Catalinbread Echorec digital delay
Danelectro Reel Echo digital delay
Deltalab Effectron II 1024 digital delay
Deucetone Rat analog distortion
Electro Harmonix Analogizer
Electro Harmonix #1 Echo digital delay
Electro Harmonix Enigma Q-Balls envelope filter with distortion (bass version)
Electro Harmonix Enigma Q-Balls envelope filter with distortion (guitar version)
Electro Harmonix HOG digital pitchshifter with analog filter
Electro Harmonix Holy Stain
Electro Harmonix LPB-2ube stereo tube amp
Electro Harmonix Memory Man analog delay
Electro Harmonix Smallstone analog Phaser Sovtek version 1
Elektron Analog Heat Clean Boost/Distortion/Overdrive with envelope follower, LFO, envelope, tone control
Eventide Modfactor (phaser, flanger, chorus, vibrato, delay, tremolo, wahwah, rotary)
Eventide Pitchfactor
Ibanez analog Flanger FL-9 vintage
Lexicon 200 reverb
Lexicon MPX-500 mk2 reverb/multi effect
Lexicon MPX G2 reverb/multi effect wit hanalog pre-amp (2x)
Lexicon PCM-80 digital reverb/multi effect
Mu-tron analog Phaser 2
Pigtronix Attack Sustain Envelope Follower
Pigtronix Disnortion
Pigtronix Echolution analog delay
Pigtronix EP-1 analog phaser
Pigtronix Infinity Looper
Pigtronix Mothership ringmodular/guitar-synthesizer
Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone
Pigtronix Polysaturator distortion
Skychord Electronics Cloudbuster pre-amp/delay/stepsequencer
Strymon TimeLine Digital Delay
Strymon Big Sky Digital Reverb
Strymon Mobius Digital Modulation FX
T-Rex Møller 2 analog Clean Boost/Overdrive
Vox Bulldog tube distortion
Z-Vex Effects Lo-Fi Loop Junky

Other hardware:
Ableton Push MIDI controller
Apple G5 Dual 2.32 Ghz
Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch retina (end 2013)
CME VX7 master keyboard
Apple iPad 1
Apple iPad 2
Apple iPad 3
Apple iPad Air 2
Arturia Beatstep
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Arturia Keystep
Arturia Spark
Arturia Spark LE
Dyn Audio BM-15 monitors
Emagic AMT-8 midi interface (2x)
Kenton Pro-2000 midi-CV (2x)
Mackie 24-8-2 with meter bridge
MOTU UltraLite MK3 audio interface
MOTU 828X audio interface
Native Instruments Maschine
Novation Remote-25 midi controller
Novation Remote Zero SL midi controller
Tascam US-800 audio/midi interface
Quad 405 amp (2x)
Røde NT1 condensator microphone
Røde NT2-A condensator microphone
Roland VS-880 (EX) multitrack recorder (4x)

Ableton Live 8, 9 (DAW)
Arts Acoustic CL-1 compressor
Arturia V-Collection (Arp 2600, CS-80, Jupiter 8, Mini, Modular, Oberheim SEM, Prophet V, Prophet VS, Wurlitzer)
Brainworx Boom (bass drum attenuator)
Brainworx Digital V2 (digital mastering)
Brainworx Saturator (multiband saturator)
Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop (Delay/Looper)
Expert Sleepers Little Spacey (BBD delay emulation)
Expert Sleepers Meringue (freak delay)
FXpansion Maul (distortion)
FXpansion Tremor (drum synthesizer)
GForce M-Tron Pro + expansions 1, 2 and 3
Hollow Sun CP-70
Hollow Sun Mellotron Newtron Bomb
Hollow Sun Various samples
Izotope Ozone 7 Advanced
“>Hollow Sun Various samples
Logic 6, 7, 8, 9, X (DAW)
Mellotron sample cds of various brands
Native Instruments Komplete 9
Ohmforce Mobilohm (phaser)
PPG Wavemapper 2 (wavetable synthesizer)
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
Spectrasonics Trillion
Synthogy Ivory II American Grand D (Grand Piano)
Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 (drummachine)
Toontrack Superior 2 (drum software)
Valhalla DSP Plate (Plate reverb)
Valhalla DSP Room (Room reverb)
Valhalla DSP Shimmer (Shimmer reverb)
Valhalla DSP ÜberMod (Modulation reverb)
Valhalla DSP Vintage Verb (Vintage reverbs)
Waldorf Edition 1, 2 (Attack, PPG 2.v, D-Pole) (synthesizers/filter)
Waldorf Largo (synthesizer)
Waldorf PPG V3 (wavetable synthesizer)
WaveDNA Liquid Rhythm (MIDI drum sequencer)
Waves Aphex Vintage Exciter
Waves API-550A/API-550B/API-560/API-2500 (compressors/limiters)
Waves CLA-2A/CLA-3A/CLA-76 (compressors/limiters)
Waves Kramer Master Tape (tape saturator)
Waves L3 MultiMaximizer (mastering)
Waves L3 UltraMaximizer (mastering)
Waves One Knob Louder (compressor)
Waves Renaissance Bass (bass enhancer)
Xils-lab LeMasque (digital delay)
Xils-lab Oxium (synthesizer)
Xils-lab Poly KB-II (synthesizer)
Xils-lab Synthix (synthesizer)
Xils-lab Xils-3 / Xils-4 (synthesizer)
Xils-lab V+ (vocoder)