New eurorack modular start

So… in the old days I did use some eurorack modular stuff. The Doepfer system-100 and also the Cwejman S1 MK2. Both systems were pretty good, but then I started to collect old analogs… Those modulars were sold but after years without any eurorack stuff, I  recently thought: “why not?” 🙂

I will start with a small minicase from Doepfer, which I am going to fill with modulation modules because I want to have more modulation control voltages for both Moogs. And today I ordered my first module, the MFB dual ADSR.

In the end a full self serving system will be the goal, although I have no idea yet how/what/when.

To be continued…

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  1. Was wondering about how you would compare the Sub 37 with the Voyager. How do you use the Voyager versus your other Synths? I have never seen one except on Stages when I have been at concerts. You have an XL? Any thoughts would be great if you wouldn’t mind sending an email. If you ever make it to California, let me know. I live in the Central Coast.

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